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Greyhound breeder lists

Greyhound breeders in AustraliaGreyhound breeders in Australia

Greyhound breeder in DenmarkGreyhound breeder in Denmark

Greyhound breeders in GermanyGreyhound breeders in Germany

Greyhound breeder in EstoniaGreyhound breeder in Estonia

Greyhound breeder in FranceGreyhound breeder in France

Greyhound breeder in IrelandGreyhound breeder in Ireland

Greyhound breeder in ItalyGreyhound breeder in Italy

Greyhound breeders in the NetherlandsGreyhound breeders in the Netherlands

Greyhound breeders in AustriaGreyhound breeders in Austria

Greyhound breeders in SwitzerlandGreyhound breeders in Switzerland

I love my greyhound because,

…he is so gentle and loving.
…he always makes me laugh.
…he looks so elegant and majestic.
…he has a big heart and is loyal.
…he is so full of energy and playful.

Greyhounds are simply amazing! With their graceful appearance, friendly nature and speed, they have taken my heart by storm. They are loyal, playful and very loving. I love spending time with my greyhound, whether it’s going for long walks in the park or cuddling up on the sofa. Their unique personalities make them wonderful companions and I can’t imagine my life without my greyhound.

Why I love Greyhound
There are many reasons to love the Greyhound dog breed.

Other names and spellings for Greyhound

To make this page easier to find, we also list other spellings and translations here.
The Greyhound is also known as: English Greyhound, Großer Englischer Windhund.

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