Spitz breeders and puppies in Switzerland

Here you can find Spitz breeders in Switzerland.
Here you can find Spitz breeders and puppies in Switzerland.

Spitz Breeder Switzerland- Map

Would you like to buy a Spitz in Switzerland? On this map you will find Spitz breeders in Switzerland and surroundings. Click on the symbol to get more information about the breeder.

Note: The positions do not show the exact position of the breeder, but only the position by postcode.

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Spitz breeders in Switzerland

Spitz breeders and puppies in Switzerland

  • Japan Spitz Du Ray De Mussy in 2950 Courgenay JU, Biel, Porrentruy, Law
  • Big spitz Merveille Blanche in 3116 Kirchdorf BE, Biel, Bern-Mittelland, Berne/Berne
  • Medium point, small point von Adriela VfDSp in 3123 Belp BE, Biel, Bern-Mittelland, Berne/Berne
  • Wolfspitz The Faithful Silver Wolf in 3154 Rüschegg Heubach BE, Biel, Bern-Mittelland, Berne/Berne
  • Centre point von Maya Mächler in 3714 Frutigen BE, Obwalden, Frutigen-Niedersimmental, Berne/Berne
  • Japan Spitz von der Stockmatte in 3855 Brienz BE, Obwalden, Interlaken-Oberhasli, Berne/Berne
  • Big spitz vom Alpenspitz in 3946 Turtmann VS, Obwalden, Leuk, Valais/Wallis
  • Medium point, small point vom Pommerle SCSp in 4207 Bretzwil BL, Solothurn, Waldenburg, Basel-Landschaft
  • Small tip, medium tip von der Verrückten Rasselbande in 4937 Langental BE, Solothurn, Oberaargau, Berne/Berne
  • Centre point vom Haus Hohenspitz SCSp in 5028 Ueken AG, Waldshut-Tiengen, Laufenburg, Aargau
  • Wolfspitz Schamayra’s VfDSp in 5102 Rupperswil AG, Waldshut-Tiengen, Lenzburg, Aargau
  • Centre point von Dolinskaja SCSp in 5314 Kleindöttingen AG, Waldshut-Tiengen, Zurzach, Aargau
  • Small spitz Swiss Golden Lady in 6022 Grosswangen LU, Aargau, Lucerne
  • Spitz Volpino Di Pomerania Sogno Realta in 6563 Mesocco GR, Ticino, Moësa, Grisons/Grischun/Grigioni
  • Schweizerischer Club für Spitze SCSp in 6960 Odogno TI, Ticino, Lugano, Ticino
  • Japan Spitz, Greater Spitz Majo No Koja in 8215 Hallau SH, Waldshut-Tiengen, Unterklettgau, Schaffhausen
  • Wolfspitz von der Vagolake Ranch in 8597 Landschlacht TG, Constance, Kreuzlingen, Thurgau
  • Small Spitz, Miniature Spitz von Camen Iris in 8722 Kaltbrunn SG, Glarus, See-Gaster, Saint Gallen
  • Small spitz von Cream And Spice in 8965 Berikon AG, Zurich, Bremgarten, Aargau
  • Miniature Spitz, Small Spitz Bb Dogs in 9244 Niederuzwil SG, St. Gallen, Wil, Saint Gallen
  • Wolfspitz von der Wannenbrugg VfDSp in 9304 Bernhardzell SG, St. Gallen, Saint Gallen, Saint Gallen

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I love my Spitz because,

…he is so faithful and loyal.
…he is so playful and lively.
…he is so vigilant and protective.
…he is so intelligent and capable of learning.
…he is so beautiful and fluffy.

My Spitz is not just a pet, but a loyal companion who enriches my life with his playful energy and alert nature. His intelligence and learning ability never fail to impress me, and his extraordinary beauty and soft fur make him simply irresistible. The love and devotion that my Spitz shows me make him an irreplaceable part of my family.

Why I love Spitz
There are many reasons to love the Spitz dog breed.

Other names and spellings for Spitz

To make this page easier to find, we also list other spellings and translations here.
The Spitz is also known as: American Eskimo Dog, Dansk Spids, Deutsche Spitze, Deutscher Wolfsspitz, Duitse keeshond, Finnen-Spitz, German Giant Spitz, German Miniature Spitz, German Miniature Spitz / Pomeranian, German Miniature Spitz, Pomeranian, German Mittelspitz, German Spitz, German Spitz – Klein, Mittel, German Spitz – Kleinspitz, German Spitz – Kleinspitz, Pomeranian, German Spitz – Miniature, German Spitz Klein, German Toy Spitz, Großspitz, Gross-Spitz, Japan Spitz, Japanese Spitz, Japanischer Spitz, Japansk Spids, Japan-Spitz, Keeshond, Kleinspitz, Kleinspitz and Pomeranian, Loulou de Poméranie, Medium Spitz, Mittelspitz, Pomeranian, Sort Spids, Spitz Allemand, Spitz Finlandais, Spitz Japonais, Volpino, Volpino Italiano, Volpino italien, Wolfsspitz, Zwergspitz.

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